GIN-Webinar: How to internationalize your start-up in Austria/Europe

14 February 2017
GIN-Webinar: How to internationalize your start-up in Austria/Europe


goAustria is a tailor-made incubation and internationalization program to set up a European base in Austria, giving you access to the whole European Union and its single market with over 500 million customers. The program will match you a with a personal startup mentor, who will support you in validating and expanding your business model and help you to build your network in Europe. During the program, you will receive valuable insights regarding the Austrian and European markets. The GIN goAustria program will also cover your costs related to flights and accommodation in Austria for two weeks. 

goAustria offers you two tailor-made approaches to internationalize:

1. goAustria two week program: participate in a two week incubation and internationalization program with individual mentoring, pitch training, workshops and matching with investors (at fixed dates)

2. goAustria individual: develop your individualised internationalisation plan with individual mentoring and tailor-made training (at any time)

Get first hand insights into the goAustria programme: Register at the GIN Virtual Infoday on February 28th

More detail information can be find on the website of goAistria: