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StartmeupHK Festival 2016

Opening speech by Greg So
Opening speech by Greg So, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, HKSAR Government


Interview with Andy Liu (Health Tech)
Interview with Andy Liu, Vice Chairman – International Affairs, Hong Kong Biotechnology Organisation


Interview with Egidio Zarrella & Anson Bailey (Data Analytics)
Interview with Egidio Zarrella, Partner, KPMG & Anson Bailey, Partner, Business Development at KPMG


Interview with Manav Gupta (Internet of Things)
Interview with Manav Gupta, Founder & CEO, Brinc


Interview with Matthew Dooley (Fintech)
Interview with Matthew Dooley, Director, NxtBnk


Interview with Renu Bhatia (Fintech)
Interview with Renu Bhatia, FinTech Hong Kong


Interview with Rob Findlay (Fintech)
Interview with Rob Findlay, Co-Founder, NxtBnk


Interview with Steve Monaghan (Health Tech)
Interview with Steve Monaghan, Regional Director - Head of Edge (Group Innovation), AIA


Interview with Greg So
Interview with Greg So, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, HKSAR Government


Fintech in Hong Kong

"Why FinTech Companies Choose Hong Kong" (by FinTech.HK and FINNOVASIA)
Find out why FinTech entrepreneurs are choosing Hong Kong where over 70‎ FinTech companies are established and capturing part of the US$700 million in investment for Asia.


"Is Hong Kong Ready To Become A FinTech Hub?" (by FinTech.HK  and  FINNOVASIA)

Hong Kong is going through transformation from international finance centre into FinTech hub of Asia. But is the city ready to reinvent itself?


"Why FinTech In Asia is HOT today" (by FinTech.HK and FINNOVASIA)
Learn insights on innovations in banking and the future of FinTech in a region from our 50+ exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs, bankers and regulators.


InvestHK at Rise Conference 2015

InvestHK's at Rise Hong Kong 2015 Part 1 (by StartmeupHK)
Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Greg So's visit at the conference


"InvestHK's at Rise Hong Kong 2015 Part 2 (by StartmeupHK)

Interview with Dr Simon Galpin, Director-General, Investment Promotion, InvestHK and Belin Karena, Co-Founder, W Hub