StartmeupHK Festival 2016

The 2016 StartmeupHK Festival (23-30 January 2016) organised by InvestHK aims to promote the city as one of the fastest growing start-up hubs in the world. The week-long festival attracted almost 5,000 attendees and had drawn world-renowned speakers and startup legends to share their insights, together with over 2,000 people joined the 20 start-up related conferences, seminars, competitions and networking events in the city.

Venture Forum keynote Elon Musk had a silent room of over 900 people enraptured on his vision of putting a man on Mars by 2025, Cindy Chow from Alibaba introduced their HK$1B fund for Hong Kong startups, and Alejandro Tocigl, whose company MirOculus is named by Singularity University as one of the 10 coolest companies, talked about a blood test that can detect disease and severity before symptoms are even detected. Whew. And that’s before Everledger, a blockchain platform for diamond certification won Best in Class at fintech Finals 2016!

StartmeupHK Festival 2016 Summary


FinTech Final 2016 (25-26 January 2016)


Snapshots from StartmeupHK Venture Forum (26 January 2016)


Elon Musk on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (26 January 2016)


LAUNCH IoT Summit (27-28 January 2016)


HealthTech Asia (29 January 2016)


AfterHoursX by Nest


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