“Our investment in R&D is not only a very powerful marketing tool but also excellent for staff retainment”

Win Mak, Managing Director, Designercity

Since setting up in Hong Kong in 2000, Designercity has worked to become one of the leading new media strategy consulting and solutions companies in the region

Designercity was set up in London in 1995, a partnership involving Win Mak and Jeremy Kerner. Mak relocated to Hong Kong in 2000 and set up a sister branch that two years later became the agency’s headquarters when Kerner left the business and the London office closed. Since then managing director Mak has built upon the agency’s success and further invested in talent, training and new technology to win a prestigious list of clients that includes: Hong Kong Airport Authority, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Hong Kong Tourism Board, BrandHK, Hilton, Microsoft, Cathay Pacific and CLP Group.

“As a private business we have the advantage because we can invest in R&D and training to remain ahead of the technology curve and ensure we anticipate the future needs of our clients,” Mak said. “Our investment in R&D is not only a very powerful marketing tool but also excellent for staff retainment.”

The Next Digital Horizon

Designercity also has close partnerships with top-tier technology companies. It is partnering with Microsoft, for example, on the application of its new Microsoft Surface® platform. Clients include PCCW, which has introduced the platform into its service centres as an exciting way to present product information, and Red MR, which has installed the tables in its Hong Kong karaoke bars. The multi-touch interactive tabletop screen can capture 80-100 touch points at one time so many people can do different things on it simultaneously. Red MR’s customers, for example, can use the platform to order drinks and food, select songs, play interactive dice games and share digital photos. The new feature has already had an impact on business with bookings significantly up for rooms with these tables.

“Our guiding principle is to always provide technology solutions that are effective in the real world and have a positive impact on the client’s bottom line,” Mak said.


Fast Facts: Designer City

  • Designercity was founded in London in 1995. It openedan office in Hong Kong in 2000 that became the agency’s headquarters when the London office closed in 2002
  • It is a one-stop total solutions provider that offers comprehensive digital consulting and new media solutions for the internet industry
  • In 1998 it won the “Best Use of Technology” in the Commercial Industry Award for TescoNet which revolutionised the UK online shopping industry. Since then it has won several web and interactive media awards
  • The company employs over 100 staff in its Hong Kong headquarters
  • In 2011 it plans to grow between 15-20 percent and increase its Hong Kong staff numbers by 20 percent