“The opportunities to network and build relations in Hong Kong are simply amazing.”

Tem Hansen, Partner and Strategy Director of SALT Hong Kong 

SALT Hong Kong was founded by Hong Kong native Tim Ho and Dane Tem Hansen, in the belief that marketing should connect with and activate the consumer

“Hong Kong is the perfect place for what we are looking to achieve. Many brands are looking into the Mainland market and Hong Kong is often seen as the first port of call. But more than just being a gateway, Hong Kong is growing as a creative city from which brands can extend their influence in the region,” Tim Ho, Partner and Creative Director of SALT Hong Kong, said.

As founding members of agency Ogilvy’s regional social media team, both Ho and Hansen have developed social brand strategies and award-winning campaigns for regional and local clients. With SALT they are determined to take their knowledge on social behaviour and influence to the next level.

“The most talked-about brands are the social ones. But authentic social influence cannot be achieved through online marketing tactics alone,“ Tem Hansen, Partner and Strategy Director, said.

“We see a growing need, not only in Hong Kong but also elsewhere in Asia, for smaller niche brands especially in the design and fashion industries. We would like to help them establish themselves and become relevant through unique branding and effective communication in an Asian context. To achieve this, building both an effective online and offline presence is critical,” Hansen added.

The company also runs a creative showroom, SALT Canvas, which engages innovative minds at the forefront of technology, art and design. SALT uses Canvas to connect brands with new opportunities and crowds through different creative exhibitions. The space also serves an educational purpose by letting consumers learn more about how products were conceived and the story behind the brand.

“In a condensed and busy city like Hong Kong, brand building is essential for future success. We help brands communicate their story and establish local reference points through partnerships with local artists and other creatives,“ Ho said.

Close-knit Space for Startups

SALT’s model is to build a core team with strong expertise and then work with a network of partners, especially local creative individuals and companies. “Our goal is to stay small, agile and connected, which we believe is key in order to take advantage of cultural changes and opportunities as they happen,” Hansen said.

Ho and Hansen find Hong Kong an attractive environment for startup entrepreneurs like themselves. The close-knit space allows them to network with designers, artists and clients. “The opportunities to network and build relations in Hong Kong are simply amazing,” Hansen said.

They also appreciate the support that InvestHK has provided, especially in terms of providing an overview of the creative scene in the city and determining what people to meet and pay attention to.

Hansen has been in Hong Kong for about four years and finds the city evolving. “Living is great in many aspects. When I first came, it was really hard to find a coffee shop where one could sit and jot down some thoughts. The whole scene about going out and relaxing a bit is growing and that’s good for the kind of industry we are in,” Hansen concluded.

Looking forward, SALT’s plan is to open a parallel shop in Europe to directly link to what they are doing in Asia. This would both help their European clients and Asian brands going overseas.



Fast Facts: SALT Hong Kong

  • Established in Hong Kong in November 2012
  • Founded by Tim Ho and Tem Hansen