“Hong Kong is the best city for me with many young and passionate developers willing to develop something new and untraditional.” 

amn is a music learning app developed by MiQ Ltd, a local startup in Hong Kong. It helps young people, especially intermediate to advanced level learners, to learn music theory and song composition in a new and easy way. Having won numerous awards for innovation, education and design from Apple and Smartphone Asia, Jamn has raised US$300,000 in seed funding in Hong Kong. Investors include Adam Lindemann of Mind Fund and veteran entrepreneur Yat Siu of Outblaze.

Johnny Quattro, the Australian founder and CEO of MiQ Ltd, had the idea while playing his guitar. He wanted to create a simple tool for everyone to learn music. His idea materialised as he partnered with OurSky Ltd, an incubation company at the Hong Kong Science Park, to develop the music app.

“Hong Kong is the best city for me with many young and passionate developers willing to develop something new and untraditional. Surprisingly, many young people have a strong music theory background and a genuine and deep understanding of music when they designed the app,” Quattro said. “It is extremely easy to set up in Hong Kong as the regulatory barrier is low. We found our partners, investors and supporters to help us develop a wonderful product to promote music.”

Positioned as “the musician’s multi-tool”, Jamn bagged the Grand Award of the ICT Awards 2014. Cheung To, Chairman of the Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association, said, “Johnny is well-deserved for this award as we see his genuine passion for music and keenness to promote music through apps. His objective is not revenue generation but how to improve the product and increase people’s music intelligence.”

Lindemann, one of the investors in this deal, said, “We see a world-class idea as an important factor for our investment decision. Johnny is such an entrepreneur with a strong conviction in his world-class product. Music is universal and so as his app.” Another key investor, Yat Siu, said the founder’s attitude, relevant knowledge and potential for business maturity were crucial factors to consider for investing in an early-stage startup.

The seed funding raised for Jamn will be used for marketing, product and business development.