HKSTP Incu-Tech Programme

Spencer Yung

+852 6545 9373

I’m Spencer Yung, CEO of CAS Logistics (CASL), an innovative ICT company specialised in supply chain and logistics. With the combination of logistics domain professionals, IT experts and a young digital-talent team, CASL delivers high-quality, integrated software solutions among its own flagship product, ProLISTM; and the components of social, mobile, analytic and cloud in the IT market. Digitalisation is the mega-trend of business development. Our team members are developing their digital skills in a working environment, and are encouraged acquire new technical tools, programming languages, and so forth. Our team has won the ICT Award 2015 and the Most Appreciated Knowledge Enterprise 2014 award.

There’s no doubt that the HKSTP Incu-Tech Programme gives great support for technology startups in many aspects, including business consultancy, lab support, marketing advice and workshops. In addition to the aid package and other benefits, there is another meaning: The CASL team gains advice and credentials from the professional assessment panel. This gives the team confidence and proof of belief in its business model, which creates huge business-development momentum among the team members.

The HKSTP Incu-Tech Programme gives continual supports to the incubatees. We must deliver the promised milestones and make the ideas happen according to the business roadmap. It’s all about execution, passion and attitude. The programme offers opportunities in terms of business networking, marketing workshops, technology seminars and business-matching activities. Founders have to strive for the best to expand their business. With concerted effort, CASL was able to break even within a year and expanded from four staff to 11 within two years.

I usually recommend the incubation programme to the fellows in college and university. They are the new generation with the combination of creativity, innovativeness and entrepreneurship. But they may lack sufficient experience in running a business, and the HKSTP Incu-Tech Programme eliminates this deficiency through its various means of support.

Updated: May 2015