Swire Blueprint

Augustin Ceyrac

+852 6180 7493

I’m Augustin Ceyrac, one of the co-founders of Easyship along with Tommaso Tamburnotti. We started Easyship in early January 2015 to help small-and-medium-sized e-commerce merchants ship goods like a power-seller. We provide complete logistics support: picking up products, packing them efficiently, selecting the right courier, printing the necessary manifests and shipping everything on demand. Easyship also helps merchants track orders from their personalised dashboard, seamlessly and in real time. We can provide very competitive shipping rates because we partner directly with all major courier companies. With Easyship, new merchants eliminate the hassle of opening accounts with courier companies and instead start shipping with us right from the word “go”.

We’ve chosen Swire Blueprint for the huge list of mentors they have on board. We believe that being part of an accelerator run by the Swire Group will help us grow faster.

We’ve had a fantastic time being with the Swire Blueprint accelerator. Regular feedback from the programme’s chief mentor and the rest of the mentoring network has been very helpful in ensuring our rapid growth. Having the 500 startup teams from the US and Seedcamp from UK here in Hong Kong, where they spent a full week helping us address various challenges, was also very useful. Being associated with a large, trustworthy brand like Swire has helped us open a lot of doors in the first few months. To top it all off, the stylish office space with amazing facilities – and the company of other like-minded startups – helps fuel the right working environment..

I would definitely recommend this programme. If the Blueprint team can provide so much in just its first year of operation, I’m sure the incoming batches will have an even more amazing experience as part of this accelerator programme.

Updated: January 2016