HKSTP Incu-Tech Incubation Programme

Luca Valente

I am Luca Valente, a co-founder of Ampd Energy, an energy-storage engineering startup that focuses on developing technologies for large, battery-based, energy-storage systems. The core of Ampd’s development centers on technologies to allow the use of mass-produced, commodity-grade batteries in high-performance and mission-critical applications, like offshore marine, aerospace and defense, and grid-scale energy-storage systems.

The biggest value that an incubation programme can add to a startup – beyond financial support – is to help extend the reach of the company’s networks at every point along the value chain: from fundraising to government relationships, from suppliers to potential customers. The network established by Hong Kong Science Park through its incubation programme is unparalleled, embracing Mainland China, the region and the world.
Also, the facilities at Hong Kong Science Park are truly world class, providing access to equipment that would otherwise not represent an efficient means of deploying capital for startups and SMEs, were they to acquire it.

The support provided by Hong Kong Science Park has exceeded our expectations. We’ve had the opportunity to connect with and present to partners of the most prominent venture-capital firms in our industry. We are active users of Hong Kong Science Park’s shared labs, e.g., Science Park’s Rapid Prototyping Lab and the Integrated Circuits Product Analysis Lab.
Hong Kong Science Park has taken a step further by establishing a mentorship programme. As participants, we were mentored by a senior technology leader in Hong Kong who freely shared his experience and suggestions in how to overcome the challenges of building – and now running – a large business.

This program clearly fits an imaginative, dedicated, hands-on entrepreneur who has a great technological idea and a passion for execution; an entrepreneur who has done his/her homework, has developed a plausible business model with verifiable hypotheses, and has an inside-out understanding of the pain-points that his/her idea will solve.

Updated: May 2015