“Hong Kong’s software engineering and creative professionals are definitely underestimated.”

Alvin Hung, Founder, GoAnimate

Ten years ago, GoAnimate’s founder Alvin Hung was disappointed by the lack of good online software to help translate his ideas into engaging video content, until he saw an opportunity to found one himself.

“I was disappointed but at the same time excited, because many companies today prefer to engage employees and customers with animated videos rather than the same old boring content,” said Hung, “they want more dynamic media to replace traditional presentations, advertisements, and instruction. And they want to do it without spending a fortune.”

And GoAnimate was therefore founded by Hung in 2007 to meet the growing demand for DIY business videos that drive business results. It is a web application that immeasurably simplifies the process of creating bespoke animated video. The solution enables everybody to express ideas in an effective and impactful way.

With over 8.5 million registered users, GoAnimate has helped Fortune 500 companies, SMBs, and individuals make more than 22 million videos and continues to redefine and lead the DIY animation industry.

The company has recently been chosen at the 2017 Hong Kong ICT Awards with an committee steered by government officials, industry, andacademia to recognise the city’s most innovative ventures. GoAnimate won the 2017 Award of the Year, Grand Prize for Best Business Solution, as well as the Gold Prize for Best Business Solution (Products and Services). These awards Is a great testimony of the company’s achievement in innovation through bespoke design.

While the majority of the company’s sales are in the US market, GoAnimate develops its software solutions in its R&D office located in Hong Kong with more than 50 staff members and supported by a small team in Taiwan. The company also has a team in the Silicon Valley with around 30 employees looking after global sales and marketing, customer success, and operations.

“Our R&D team in Hong Kong is world-class,” said Hung, “Hong Kong’s software engineering and creative professionals have definitely been underestimated. People often think that Hong Kong’s talent in the creative industries is not as capable as its US counterparts, but I can prove that this is wrong. They definitely have the ability to excel and exceed their western counterparts.”

Hung has several tips for startups in Hong Kong. “First, go global on day one. It’s not that much more difficult than succeeding in the local market. Second, try to think of a good idea with unique and competitive advantages that not everyone else can solve. Lastly, consider going solo if you are an engineer and you are comfortable with business issues.” Hung concluded.


October 2017

Fast Facts: GoAnimate

• Founded by Alvin Hung in 2007, with offices in Hong Kong, Silicon Valley and Taiwan
• A DIY video-creation platform enabling people using drag-and-drop tools to produce a wide range of custom videos in the cloud