AIA Accelerator

Angelo Umali

+852 6297 8925

My name is Angelo Umali, founder and CEO of Simple Wearables. We create wearable devices that provide peace of mind. Our first product is a predictive fall detector for the elderly. It automatically detects a fall and makes a call to a designated number when that occurs. It can also be pressed like an SOS button if the user needs help.

The project began when my grandmother in the US fell and hit her head. We didn’t immediately rush her to the emergency room, and we didn’t know that she had developed a blood clot on the brain. She died due to complications. In the event of a fall, thesooner an elderly person is attended to, the better the chances of limiting any damage. I now have one surviving grandmother who lives alone, and we want to make sure that she gets all the attention she needs in the event of a fall. Through our technology, we can detect her movement patterns and predict whether she’s in any danger of a fall.

Our team’s strengths are in technology and design. The AIA accelerator gives us a partner in the health industry, with access to experts in the field who can help us with strategy, market positioning and scale.

We’ve had access to the experts at AIA and were able to see from a healthcare institution’s perspective how a product like ours could benefit their customers. We also gained a wider perspective based on AIA’s scale and reach.

To startups with healthcare-related ideas.

Updated: May 2015