Cyberport Incubation Programme

Adam Whiting

+852 3124 2703

VenueHub HK [hyperlink –] is a website and concierge service that connects both private and corporate event bookers with event spaces in Hong Kong. We bring together venues in one place and in a format that make it fast and simple for an event planner to find and book somewhere that fits their exact needs.

Our founders are Adam Whiting, James Beacher and Malcolm Loudon. Adam and Malcolm have previously worked together in digital marketing. James has a background in events. It was this diverse combination of backgrounds that gave rise to the idea of creating a venue booking portal for Hong Kong, something that our research suggested there was a real need for.

The Cyberport Incubation Programme has provided us with absolutely vital support, ample financial assistance and fantastic office space provided being the most obvious benefits. Perhaps most significantly, the financial boost that the programme provides has enabled us to take on new staff, and we’re looking to add again to our team at the time of writing. Quality talent is so important to any startup and there is a big emphasis on that with Cyberport’s funding.

The whole team love working at Cyberport, despite being a bit of a commute for some of us. The commute is worth it though – it’s a superb work environment and the onsite facilities are excellent.

The benefits of applying and gettingaccepted were very clear to us, and the programme fitted our company’s profile and needs. A bit of a “no-brainer” decision really!

We would recommend the programme to any ambitious tech startup looking to base themselves in Hong Kong. There are other support programmes that you can apply to butCyberport has worked out really well for us.


Updated: May 2015