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Ambi Labs is a Hong Kong-based, Internet of Things startup. Our product, Ambi Climate, is a smart home device that upgrades the intelligence of your existing air conditioner (AC). Ambi Climate revolutionises the way households interact with their ACs. Ambi Climate is designed to solve the main usability challenge that Asian consumers have with their air-conditioner – difficulty in choosing appropriate settings, resulting in discomfort and wasted energy. The device uses artificial intelligence to analyse data from both inside your home and from your surrounding environment, and to learn about your habits and preferences. By understanding these, it can automatically adjust your AC to give you a “tailor-made” indoor climate. Ambi Climate reduces overcooling, and makes your AC usage more efficient and energy saving. Ambi Climate also provides a convenient, smartphone interface to your AC, allowing you to monitor and control your air conditioner from anywhere in the world.

Ambi Climate addresses comfort challenges found amongst air-conditioner (“AC”) users in Asia and across the globe. Despite the ubiquity of ACs (penetration rates exceed 80% in leading Asian cities), many users struggle to stay comfortable despite their ACs. In a 2013 online survey conducted in Asia, over 70% of users reported AC comfort challenges, such as being too warm (61%), too cold (48%), or going to sleep comfortable but waking up cold (45%). Ambi Climate solves these problems. We refocus the user on thermal comfort rather than a temperature value, and build a tailored profile of the impact of multiple variables on the user’s comfort, including outdoor seasonal influences, the time of day, activity levels in the room, and other factors. Secondly, we abstract away the need to choose the AC settings. Through machine learning, we learn the output of the user’s AC in his/her room, the AC’s performance characteristics, and also the impact of variables such as outdoor temperature, humidity and thermal radiation. Lastly, our intuitive application eliminates the usability challenges of current AC remote controllers. With convenient gesture-based control, and insightful and impactful data analytics, our application gives the user fine-grained, automatic control of his/her comfort.

As demonstrated by the success of our recent Fall 2014 Kickstarter campaign (funding goal exceeded by 450% by over 740 backers), we believe the future holds great opportunities to augment common household objects with intuitive, useful, and usable technology. At present, the Ambi Climate system is in a beta trial stage, with approximately 200 devices currently deployed in 15 countries across the globe. We are improving and revising our app, backend, software, firmware and machine algorithms in response to user feedback, and are on track to ship the remaining ~800 units that were pre-ordered via our Kickstarter campaign. We are also committed to providing our open API and offering a range of integrations so that innovators can use Ambi Climate’s technology to enhance their connected home. In response to the positive feedback and interest we have gained from organisations in the commercial, residential, hospitality and utilities sectors, we are poised to engage with distributors and look forward to a commercial launch in the second half of 2015. As the connected home is becoming a clearer reality, we are passionate about pioneering technology designed to provide greater comfort, reduce energy waste and address real pain points for the user, starting with Ambi Climate.

Updated: June 2015