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Elliot Leung

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Gaifong (“neighbour” in Cantonese) is an online platform where citizens can rent cameras, virtual reality systems, and other high-quality products from their neighbours, instead of buying from stores

Gaifong is a recipient of the CCMF Startup Grant and was accepted by the Cyberport Incubation Programme. Its product was launched in March 2016.  Its 35,000 members have together listed over $12,000,000 value in rental goods. Some rental items include virtual reailty equipment, photography equipment, travel equipment, and video gaming consoles.

Gaifong will continue to grow in the coming months and further deepen its services in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Cyberport Hong Kong CCMF
Cyberport Hong Kong On-site Incubation

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Updated: May 2016