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Joshua Miller, Brendan Blumer

Real Estate



We are a technology company creating a disruptive real estate agency to solve the many problems with the industry. Our award-winning, proprietary mobile software enables us to change the agency model and aggregate accurate data. Our future is to have thousands of agents working collaboratively on our platform, sharing information and better serving consumers. In addition, the aggregated data will provide insights and leading indicators on the real estate industry that do not exist today.

We use software to run our agency, not storefronts. We want to return Hong Kong’s neighbourhoods to the people living in them, and replace the real estate shopfronts with bakeries, coffee shops, pet stores and the amenities that make living comfortable. We have built a large ERP to run an agency online, which also enables us to pay higher commissions to agents, create higher-caliber professionals, and enable clients to finally go online to accurately identify and homes to start their real estate journey.

We have grown by approx. 100 percent per year for the last three years, attracting some of Hong Kong’s best real estate agents and giving a better, more professional experience to hundreds of clients so far. We plan to expand across Hong Kong and into Mainland China where the problems are even more severe. A person’s real estate investment is probably the largest purchase they ever make – it should be make with more complete information and a higher level of professionalism – both of which OKAY.com creates.

Organisations/ companies Amount (US$)
Private Approx. 5 million.

Organisations/ companies Award details
Red Herring Red Herring Asia 100 Award Winner (2014)
Red Herring Red Herring Global 100 Award Finalist (Oct 2015)
Best Website 2015

Updated: September 2015