Welcome Our Spring 2018 Accelerator Teams!

We’re excited to introduce ten new companies joining our Connected Hardware and Drone & Robotics accelerator programs. Over the past month, we’ve worked with the teams during our “Ramp Up” phase. In May, we’ll be hosting all the teams in Hong Kong where we will start helping the teams take their business to the next level!

Our new teams are representative of our four core investment categories: How We Feel, Where We Live, What We Eat, and How We Move. It’s amazing to be able to support more startups in the areas that we’re most passionate about.

Here’s a quick run down of the new teams:
•Drone Entry: Online social platform for drone pilots to manage their profiles, missions flown and skills achieved that pairs with a marketplace for people needing a drone pilot for hire.
•EmotAI: Bio-signal tracking and training platform that increases focus and critical thinking skills for eGamers to help them perform better.
•Empirical Automation: Industrial robots powered by artificial intelligence to increase affordability of physical automation in research and manufacturing.
•GeoMeo: Mesh enabled, wireless nodes that connect the unconnected in remote villages and power healthcare, education and security with modular software and services.
•Habibi Garden: Precision agriculture devices for farmers that process environmental and local data and optimize fertilizer and water schedules to optimize crop yields.
•Hudlog: Augmented reality, heads-up display technologies to increase awareness of critical attention points on the road, ultimately saving lives and decreasing maintenance and fuel costs for delivery vehicle fleets.
•Komra Vision: Handheld, affordable hybrid-spectrometer powered by AI that generates a unique fingerprint for every material you scan.
•Revsmart: Smart communications wearable that helps motorcyclists access communication, navigation and music safely using bone conduction technology.
•SkyBrowse: Autonomous drone platform that investigates car accidents by providing live aerial data and 3D models to protect police and first responders lives and decrease traffic globally.
•Watr: An environmental sensing platform for continuous water quality monitoring to help us make the most of the water that we have left on Earth, even where no internet is available.
This Spring 2018 cohort adds 10 new investments to our growing family of founders. We’ve now invested in 40 companies across 22 countries. If you’d like to meet our new teams, sign up for Brinc Demo Day.

We’re just getting started! We plan to invest in an additional 25 global teams this year. Applications for our next accelerator programs will begin in June. Stay tuned for our official announcement when we will begin accepting applications.

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