Entrepreneurial Dreams of Hong Kong’s Younger Generation

Over the past year, The Mills Fabrica has been working closely with  the  winning team of The Mills Summer Program 2017 (click here), along with the support of some key partners, Li & Fung and  HKRITA, to bring the students’ design to life. To take their idea to market, Fabrica has helped launch their innovative product on Kickstarter (click here), where you can support the students and buy your very own backpack! Profits from the Kickstarter campaign will go towards supporting scholarships for the students as well as this year’s Summer Program.

With this initiative, the students hope to inspire Hong Kong’s younger generation to reach their entrepreneurial dreams.

Student Crowdfunding Campaign – MFB 5.0: Multipurpose Family Backpack (powered by The Mills Fabrica)

【五個中學生的夢- MFB 5.0 於5月10日登陸 Kickstarter Hong Kong】概念創新的五合一背包 MFB 5.0,是五位中學生參與南豐紗廠暑期作業2017的心血結晶,希望鼓勵大家走到戶外,與家人共享家庭樂。得到 The Mills Fabrica 南豐作坊及各方支持, MFB 5.0將於5月10日在 Kickstarter Hong Kong發佈眾籌,你的支持,將會是她們向夢想進發的推動力!MFB 5.0 = 五合一多用途家庭背包創新本地設計,著意拉近家庭成員間的距離👉🏻 細心欣賞片中介紹、讚好及分享!👉🏻 立即預訂:https://goo.gl/NqkHVy👉🏻 並緊貼 MFB 5.0 Facebook 和 Instagram (@mfb5.0)特別感謝利豐 Li & Fung Foundation Li & Fung、 HKRITA 香港紡織及成衣研發中心、美而高、理想集團、教育2.1、EONIQ、MOP,以及 ORII 的大力支持!【Five Secondary Students’ dream -The Launch of the Kickstarter Campaign of MFB 5.0 on: MAY 10】An innovative 5-in-1 backpack named " MFB 5.0" is designed by a team of secondary students, from The Mills Summer Program 2017, aimed at encouraging the whole family to enjoy intimate outdoor time together.With support from The Mills Fabrica 南豐作坊 and partners, MFB 5.0 will be released on Kickstarter Hong Kong on May 10th. Your support will help them make a big step towards their dreams!MFB 5.0 = Multipurpose Family BackpackAn innovative backpack with a purpose: designed to bring families closer together.👉🏻 Like, share, and enjoy the video below!👉🏻 Pre-order yours now https://goo.gl/NqkHVy👉🏻 Follow MFB 5.0’s Facebook and Instagram (@mfb5.0)Special thanks to Education 2.1, EONIQ, HKRITA 香港紡織及成衣研發中心, Ideal Group, Li & Fung, Milagros, MOP and ORII for making all of this possible!

The Mills Fabrica 南豐作坊發佈於 2018年4月30日