UN award winning App helping to reduce poverty is launched for Android and iOS

Founded in Hong Kong, Gift-a-deed is a social network of people around the world doing good deeds by helping people in need and spreading positive message of sharing resources to alleviate poverty .

By using location based technology (GPS) and via crowd-sourcing, Gift-a-Deed app allows everyone who wishes to donate to identify and tag the needs of the disadvantaged people in a city, while allowing those with excess resources to easily connect and directly fulfil these needs. The app is a social network broadcasting all users’ good deeds and other inspiring sharable content, while gamifying the act of giving donations by rewarding the users with virtual points.


Besides people2people donations, Gift-a-Deed app can connect organisations, charities and companies to individual people or groups of vulnerable people in face of adversity or calamity (e.g refugees, tsunami/typhoon-hit communities etc.) around the world wherever there is a need.

In a world where the gap between the rich and poor is growing and our cities are seeing an increase of people in need of food, shelter, medicine, clothes etc., Gift-a-Deed app can offer an easy, digital and direct way for everyone to share their excess resources and help improve the lives of millions of disadvantaged people.