The next cohort of SOW Asia’s Accelerator Program is about to begin in February

We would like to invite you to join our accelerator program, should you be interested in receiving free help to grow your social enterprise and your social enterprise incorporated in Hong Kong is beyond prototype, has two founders and is between one to three-year-old. Our aim is that the social enterprises we help could become at least financially sustainable so that they can continue making social impacts or become so successful and impactful that they could attract funding from investors, funders and the government.
Anyway, please note that our upcoming information session will be held at 7pm on Thursday, 24 January 2019. There we will explain more about our accelerator program and to answer any of your questions.

Meanwhile, if you intend to join us at the information session, please register here no later than Thursday, 24 January 2019. Please refer to the attached poster for the details.

For your information, we have helped 67 social enterprises since 2013, 62 of which are still operating. We have also just finished our recent cohort on Thursday, November 29, and we are in the process of starting a new cohort. Hence, we are inviting you to apply. Feel free to apply now by clicking here; the deadline for application is Friday, 8 February 2019.