Business Overview:
2Easy is an all-in-one digital agencies hiring platform, serving web and IT development, video production, design and graphic, digital marketing. Clients submit a project request, our automatic matching system recommends best-fit agencies, improve the success rate and reduce time waste. If clients are not certain about the type of agencies they need, our hiring specialists are ready to assist and advice. For each request, our technology crawls and compares all agencies, gives transparency to the client on the services’‚Äč market rate and insights. In addition, our upcoming escrow service protects clients from dishonest and overpromising agencies.


Company Background:
One of our co-founder Isaac was a client himself. He knows the challenges of finding the right agency. He was wondering why there is no such a platform to solve this problem. Thus, 2Easy is formed, we built a solution and started testing. 2Easy has been admitted to the Cyberport Incubation Program in 2016. Our ultimate goal is to be the largest agencies hiring platform in Asia. For more information, please click HERE.