From 21st March, in the heart of Causeway Bay, Edgar will launch a new community driven retail concept. With a 100 Days of Sustainability & Zero Waste (S.0.W) Challenge, Edgar aims to explore better practices to raise awareness, conserve our environment and showcase solutions. Through weekly expert discussions and workshops, we will share knowledge from and with the community to raise interest in sustainability for people from all walks of life.

“The Edgar Pop-Up shop is a new experiential retail and community-driven concept store. We will engage people about zero waste and sustainability,” says Raphaël De Ry, founder of Edgar, a bulk and plastic-free concept started in 2016.

Edgar started with a package-free retail concept providing a wide range of organic food (nuts, grains, seeds, pasta, chocolates…) and plastic-free eco products (eco-friendly straws, reusable products, beeswax cloth, containers, soap bars, etc). Our goods are responsibly sourced and fair-trade when possible. From customers and corporate request, educative training and consulting services were added to foster positive environmental practices.

“At our stores, customers can bring their containers and buy just the quantity they want (BYOC). Positive environmental action, by reducing waste and plastic need, is immediate. Every step counts.” says Raphaël. “It is one part of many little green steps that pave the road to positive environmental impact”.

At 100 Days of S.0.W, addressing the most pressing issues is the priority. The expert discussions will take place in English and Cantonese on a weekly rotation. Workshops for all ages will be available. The workshops and discussions will align with the ongoing themes, which will change every two weeks:

  1. Sustainability and Zero Waste 21 – 31 March
  2. Food and Beverage                 1 – 14 April
  3. Fashion and Luxury                 15 – 28 April
  4. Beauty and Healthcare            29 Apr – 12 May
  5. Green Tech                              13 – 26 May
  6. Travel and Summer                 27 May – 9 June
  7. Secret Theme                          10 – 23 June
  8. Wrap Up                                   24 – 30 June

50% of the entrance fees from the expert discussions will be donated to local charities and environmentally-driven projects.

For more details, please contact Gloria Lau at 9127 9915, email or visit the Edgar website / facebook / instagram. Shop photos:

Shop locations:

Edgar 100 Days of S.0.W Pop Up 1/F – 17 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay – Hong Kong, MTR Causeway Bay Exit F1