The Grand Opening of Techstyle X

The First Experiential Retail Space Powered By The Mills Fabrica

4th April 2019 – The Mills Fabrica, the innovation arm of The Mills Fabrica, will celebrate the grand opening for its first retail store – Techstyle X on 6th April at The Mills. Techstyle X curates globally exciting lifestyle experiences, providing a platform for promising techstyle companies to showcase their products and services.

Bridging the gap between traditional long-term and pop-up stores, Techstyle X offers innovative startups a retail space with high traffic and flexible terms. Following its grand opening, Techstyle X will offer three experiential zones for its visitors to discover new techstyle innovations. Visitors will get a chance to use the self-serve 3D scanning station, customize their own t-shirts, and explore the latest techstyle innovations.

Three Experiential Zones: The Discovery Zone, The Popup Area & The Machine Space

Techstyle X features new and exciting innovations for all to experience.TG3D will provide customers with a chance to use the self-serve 3D scanning station to obtain their very own digital avatar with key measurements. Customers may then order the perfect fitting garments from personalized suits, to sustainably-sourced denim jeans. One can also customize their own Techstyle X Snaptee edition t-shirts inspired by heritage and innovation only available at the Techstyle X store.

Discovery Zone – companies can rent a display space to launch their products, test the market and share their innovations with the world. Techstyle X members include some Fabrica incubatees: Simple Pieces, Origami Labs, TG3D, Unspun and other exciting innovations from Vacanza, UNQ and Facha whose products are available for online purchase, while Techstyle X-branded products will be available to buy in store. Techstyle X bridges the gap between online and offline, whether its ordering custom fitted garments with 3D scanning or utilizing AI-based ecommerce platforms to find your favorite products.

The Popup Area – allows members to express their identity, experiment, and launch their products and services in a fully customizable retail space at an affordable cost. Customers will be able to witness the latest and upcoming brands in the techstyle industry.

The Machine Space – an extension of Fabrica Lab which features Morgan Tecnica, an Italian fashion technology company, who has sponsored the PLY 1 fabric pattern cutting machine. It is currently the only machine of its kind in Asia and provides Fabrica Lab members with a unique experience of creating clothes using the latest technology. Visitors will have the chance to see in real-time, an essential part of the garment-making process.

Fabrica Lab 101 Introduction to Techstyle Creation: Tote Bag Workshop

Visitors will be able to sign up for our new series of educational content focused on techstyle creation. Hosted at the Fabrica Lab; “Fabrica Lab 101 Introduction to Techstyle Creation: Tote Bag Workshop” will give the public a chance to work in the Fabrica Lab and learn how to make a tote bag. This series is aimed at providing the public a place to learn about techstyle creation and the basics of product development.