Welcome to The 3.0 Global Mass-election of WOP

Technology enables us to connect and discover new ideas, opportunities, and roads we’ve never crossed before. Although at its core, it may only be powered by a numerical, binary system its impact is far greater and ever lasting.

The final call for startup pitches to CHTA’s World of Possibilities (WOP) Global Startup Event

After a series of events hosted around the world in Beijing, London, Singapore, Taipei, and Berlin, the Global Innovation Project will come to a conclusion at the end of May. Prizes will be awarded to various startups from each city. Companies that have pitched will submit as finalists to the WOP ‘Future Travelers 2019’ Conference in Shanghai.

Our shortlist of Founders will attend our ‘Future Traveler 2019’ Conference, enabling them to present their technology of a global scale, access investors, as well as CHTA’s network of corporate partners in the Travel space.

If you’d like to submit as a startup, please take a look at the following info:

This year, we’ve curated a highly distinguished panel of enterprise judges to vote on WOP finalists based on the founder background, business acumen, and individual tenacity.

Teams will compete for the World of Possibilities global championship with winners from satellite pitch events (Beijing, London, Singapore, Taipei and Berlin.)


Startup Requirements:

The company was established less than 5 years ago.
Interest Areas include Traveler Experience, Ai, IoT, AR/VR, Data Analytics.
The blockchain use case for tourism and resources, redefining tourism services
Enhancing overall travel experience through lifestyle, health, culture, and fashion
Green and sustainable development technologies and their business use cases.

About World of Possibilities (WOP): CHTA a travel ecosystem to help the industry discover and co-create with the most innovative founders globally. on a global basis. Our innovation program extends is active at all times of the year, across continents to gather industry thought leaders for the purpose of mentorship, investments, and joint collaboration all in an effort to make humanity a more enjoyable experience.