WHub Launches The Hong Kong FinTech Ecosystem White Paper 2019, with A Focus on Startups

WHub has created the Hong Kong FinTech Ecosystem White Paper 2019 as a tool to raise awareness and help educate external observers about who and what makes up the FinTech ecosystem in Hong Kong. It presents how Hong Kong has changed from a Finance Hub to a FinTech Hub, how Hong Kong has the ideal ecosystem for FinTech enterprises to succeed as well as the opportunities in Hong Kong for FinTech startups. Key findings include why choose Hong Kong to startup, growing and diverse ecosystem, recent startups that raised funding, community builders, FinTech associations and events, corporate – startup collaboration, regulators and government support etc.

In September 2018, Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Ms Carrie Lam mentioned: “FinTech is a key technology area to focus on and invest in”. The Hong Kong FinTech Ecosystem White Paper 2019 outlines the various Government programs, regulations and policies that have been guiding government initiatives to further develop Hong Kong as a sustainable and powerful FinTech Hub.

WHub launched the White Paper on 27 March 2019 meeting with great enthusiasm and support from the community as they celebrated Hong Kong’s growing FinTech startup ecosystem. The launch featured the first glimpse of the insights and trends, and panel discussion with Game changers in the FinTech space.

The full version of White Paper can be downloaded for free via https://www.whub.io/s/fintechwhitepaperv3pr