Hong Kong Awards for Industry: Equipment and Machinery Design Competition

The CMA has been the organizer of the Hong Kong Awards for Industry: Equipment and Machinery Design competition since its inception in 1989. Starting from 2005, the Hong Kong Awards for Industry merges with the Hong Kong Awards for Services. The new merged scheme is named the “Hong Kong Awards for Industries” (HKAI).

The HKAI comprises seven categories, and each run by an organiser. CMA is responsible for organising the “Equipment and Machinery Design Competition”, which aims to encourage the upgrading the design of equipment and machinery in Hong Kong so as to enhance competitiveness, and to give recognition to the outstanding products.

The HKSAR Government takes the lead to coordinate the Competition and it is free of charge to join the Competition. Winners may be permitted to use the logo of Hong Kong Awards and will have chances to promote the winning products.

Equipment and Machinery Design

Equipment and machinery related products which are not designed for personal use, are eligible to enter. Entries will be divided into six categories:
– Production Machinery / Equipment
– Machinery / Mechanical Appliances, their Parts and Accessories
– Scientific, Optical, Controlling and Testing Equipment and its Parts and Accessories thereof
– Robotics and its Parts and Accessories
– Smart Technology Equipment and Software for Industrial and Commercial Application
– Miscellaneous

Judging Criteria:
– Innovation
– Application of technology
– Functionality
– Ergonomics
– Cost-performance
– Safety
– Environmental impact
– Marketability

– All entries, wholly or partly designed in Hong Kong are eligible to enter the Competition.
– The entrant must have the sole manufacturing and/or trading rights of the entry. In case that the entrant is a trading company, it must demonstrate satisfactorily to the Organiser that it has exclusive rights to the product.
– No employee of The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong and no member of the Judging Panel or their professional associate or employee may enter the Competition.
– Applications will not be accepted from government department(s) or any individual who is not a registered company or organisation. The entrant company or organization must possess a valid Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate or related registered document or document if necessary.
– The Award will not be open to departments/agencies of the HKSAR Government. The restriction however does not cover public-funded or non-governmental statutory institutions (like universities).

Free of Charge

The most outstanding product among the Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Equipment and Machinery Design Award winners will win the HONG KONG AWARDS FOR INDUSTRIES: EQUIPMENT AND MACHINERY DESIGN GRAND AWARD. Winner(s) in each category will receive the Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Equipment and Machinery Design Award and other outstanding entries will be awarded the Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Equipment and Machinery Design Certificates of Merit.

2019 Hong Kong Awards for industries: Equipment and Machinery Design is opened for application now. The deadline of application is 6 June 2019. The presentation ceremony of the 2019 HONG KONG AWARDS FOR INDUSTRIES will be held on 2019 December.

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