Betatron Announces Increase In Investment Amount Up To US$500,000 Per Startup

8th January 2020, Hong Kong – Betatron , a startup investment firm and accelerator program based in Hong Kong, has announced that they’ll be increasing the investment amount given to each startup up to US$500,000.

In addition, Betatron will be providing the startups they invest in with an investor roadshow across Asia and North America, including Demo Days in Hong Kong, Singapore and Silicon Valley in 2020.

The main focus of the Betatron program is to help each startup raise their next round of funding and accelerate business growth. To date, Betatron has invested in 37 startups from around the world and brought them to Hong Kong for their accelerator program.

Betatron has continually focused on increasing the amount of investment capital available for each startup to provide the maximum impact and acceleration possible. In Cohorts #1-3, Betatron invested US$30,000 per startup, US$70,000 per startup for Cohort #4, and
US$150,000 for Cohort #5.

Applications for Cohort #6 close on 18th March 2020 with the four-month program starting in Q2, 2020. Startups don’t need to be in Hong Kong for the entire duration of the program as it’s designed so they only need to be there for three two-week blocks.

To apply, startups can visit:

Sam Ameen, Betatron’s Director of Marketing, said:

“It’s been great to see the continual growth of Betatron since day one of our first ever cohort – where we started by only investing US$30,000 into each startup.”

“Thanks to the success of the program and our startup investments, we’re proud to be able to now increase the investment amount up to US$500,000 per startup. This positions Betatron as one of the world’s highest funding accelerators, and in a prime position to invest in some of the most exciting startups from around the globe.”

“We’re also enhancing the value we add to each startup by adding an investor roadshow across Asia and North America, plus Demo Days in Hong Kong, Singapore and Silicon Valley – which gives each startup the best chance to raise their next funding round and generate worldwide exposure.”

About Betatron
Betatron is an investment-backed startup investment firm and accelerator program. Betatron was founded by six of Hong Kong’s most prominent startup investment firms including IC Studio Limited, MindWorks Ventures, Vectr Ventures, CoCoon Ignite Ventures, The Aria Group, and Incu-lab. Collectively, the founding partners have invested over US$400M in more than 300 startups over the last few years. To date, Betatron has invested in 37 startups since launching in 2016 and has successfully completed five cohorts.