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Apply Design Thinking to Create Awesome Products



Want to learn industry–grade frameworks, tools, vocabulary, and best practices from an industry practitioner?

To build a great product is to understand the users underlying needs and concerns; and design the shortest path for them to find the solution.

In this session, you will understand the key milestones of the development process and the phases that UX designers / product managers go through to ensure the full product efficiency.

In this event you will:

– Learn how to differentiate a good design from a bad design
– Learn how to ask the right questions to get user insight quickly
– Learn how to transform theinsights into products
– Learn how to test a product’s early market potential

Key takeaways:

– 6 tips to create pleasant design
– 5 steps of User centric design
– 3 quick and dirty ways to validate your business ideas

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Why Most Content Marketing is BS (& How You Can Truly Be Successful Using Content As Strategy)

“Content Marketing” is a term coined by enterprising marketeers in the early 2000s when they had an inkling that the marketing scene was going to change but who didn’t have the experience to understand the true dynamics of that change. Common logic at that time is that you could take an industrial economy business