Hong Kong’s support services for startups are growing rapidly, be they entrepreneurship clubs or academic networks, and startup workshops, seminars and events seem to be happening almost every day. Few other places in the region offer as many opportunities to network, so often and so easily. Get connected with our dynamic community now!

Entrepreneur & Start-up clubs/associations


AAMA Pearl River Delta Chapter was founded in Hong Kong in 2012. AAMA Pearl River Delta Chapter aims to create, congregate and sustain the relationships, forums and principles valuable for the seeding and scaling of technology,innovation and their value chain, across technology and innovation centers worldwide. Meanwhile, italso provides a platform in which members can network, exchange ideas and share resources from the Pearl River Delta to Silicon Valley and vice-versa. AAMA Pearl River Delta Chapter hosts events to localize the effort to promote business relationships and works closely with Silicon Valley headquarters to ensure members realize the maximum benefit of the organization


In an era of rapid technological developments, it has become crucial for all to keep pace with the unprecedented opportunities and challenges arising from new arenas that hold great, disruptive potential. At present, several key problems facing Asia’s tech industry demand our immediate attention, such as:


•Insufficient cross-collaboration between tech experts from different domains

•Difficulty in fundraising for R&D

•The mismatch between tech research and commercial application

•Need for higher tech literacy among the general public


This is where DEEPTECK, a community comprised of Ph.D. tech experts with a passion for widening public knowledge of deep technologies, comes in to play. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the industry and the public by helping technologists, scientists, and researchers exchange and promote their ideas around the world. We aim to achieve this by publishing accessible thought leadership on various social media channels, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and our Medium group page, as well as by lining up potential investment and sponsorship from interested parties.

Hong Kong Startup Support Group – HKSSG

Hong Kong’s First Decentralised Open-Source Startup Community

Initially started from a single LinkedIn post by a startup founder looking for help, it brought other startup founders together to pool resources together into helping each other grow through contacts and help.

From sharing investor profiles to sharing latest schemes from the government to even barter trading for various services, the HKSSG group is allowing startups to do what they do best; find unconventional bootstrapping methods to improve their businesses. All the while sharing the core values of HKSSG: helping members gain exposure, sharing knowledge and collaboration between members.


Internet Society Hong Kong Chapter (ISOC HK) is dedicated to the open, unencumbered, beneficial use of the Internet; the upholding of the freedom of expression and opinion, privacy of personal information and aversion of social discrimination; through responsible self-regulation and harmonized governance. ISOCHK is also an organizer of many startup events in Hong Kong.


Invotech is a non-profit do-tank dedicated to promote and support positive changes in Hong Kong through innovation and technology. We will engage individuals, corporations, associations, academia and the government by acting as a catalyst and leveraging their collective energy in support of entrepreneurs and startups.


Founded in 2009, MaD (Make a Difference) inspires and empowers young people all over Asia to come up with creative responses to our time’s challenges. It has evolved as a collaborative platform of creative changemakers that works at the intersection of creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation and discovery to bring about positive changes in Asia.

Sino Inno Lab

Sino Group launched Sino Inno Lab in 2018 to support Hong Kong’s innovation ecosystem and growth into an international innovation hub. Located at Westin Centre in Kwun Tong, Sino Inno Lab has been established to:

  • serve as a platform to support Hong Kong start-ups and inventors
  • test out new ideas in a sandbox environment at the Lab without impacting actual operations
  • engage internal and external partners to facilitate idea generation, and proof of concept and collaboration
  • co-create cutting-edge solutions
  • promote an innovative culture at Sino Group and create a knowledge network with colleagues’ knowledge and expertise


The SME Creativity Center (SCC) is started as an initiative that focuses on helping SMEs in Hong Kong. SCC is a non-profit service center involved in enabling SMEs to explore creativity, ideation, and innovation. SCC provides guidance to local SMEs so that they can better understand, elicit, develop, and refine their design and creative processes to drive innovation and gain competitive advantage.

SCC particularly interested in supporting SMEs from the digital / information technology and manufacturing industries. For low return SMEs, SCC also provides relevant information and assistance for them to further establish their own brand or to merge with another existing business.


StartLab Hong Kong is open and neutral platform in Hong Kong to gather all the support, locally and overseas, from different organisations, institutions and startup communities. It aims at fostering startups and its ecosystem in Hong Kong. We are the first 5-day startup bootcamp for tertiary students & graduates in Hong Kong. We target students and graduates within two years, who study design and engineering or computer science or with related knowledge, want to start their own businesses, are willing to experience and practise entrepreneurship with the application Internet technologies, and learn quickly from and share with the community.


Startup College is one of the leading startup communities in Hong Kong. Comprising young entrepreneurs and early-stage startups, we aims to provide a comprehensive online platform for collaboration and sharing.

Startup College carries two main objectives:
– To convey the spirit of entrepreneurship to HK university students.
– To foster a sustainable startup ecosystem in HK.


Startup Weekend is a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures.

All information about upcoming and past events can now be found at for all Startup Weekend Hong Kong activities.


A community of startups in Hong Kong promoting entrepreneurship and to grow Hong Kong as a tech-hub in Asia.


Established in 2002, The Entrepreneurs Club is one of the longest running English speaking organizations for Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. E Club aims to assist established and evolving entrepreneurial businesses in getting to the next level of their business. ‘Differentiation’, ‘going global’, ‘up-scaling’ and ‘valuation’ of your business is a core part of growth in your journey. We aim to present speakers, opportunities and networking to enable you to achieve any or all of these.


TEN was established at the end of 2005 as an association for entrepreneurs in Hong Kong through which they can access a network of peers and information from a practical perspective. Members who come from diverse backgrounds and all nationalities can interact to exchange expertise on personal and business improvement.

THE Good Lab

Focusing on social enterprise startups, The Good Lab is a 20,000 square feet space located in Cheung Sha Wan. This place feels like a co-workspace in size and the way the facilities are laid out: a theatre for screening movies or for seminars fits 100+, multiple conference rooms scattered around, hugeopen workspace, some closed offices, massive eating area with beanbags, and etc.

Loaction: 500 Tung Chau Street, Cheung Sha Wan, MTR Cheung Sha Wan Exit B


The Women Entrepreneurs Network was launched in December 2015 with the support of The Women’s Foundation. We had 100 women in the room with Entrepreneur luminaries such as Bonnie Gokson speaking. We are actually a rebirth of The Women Business Owners Club ( WBOC ) which started in the mid 80’s when the word Entrepreneurship was rarely heard. Most chambers did not have Entrepreneur committees and now they are heavily weighted in favour of Entrepreneurs and their companies.


TiE is a non-profit, global community welcoming entrepreneurs from all over the world. They believe in the power of ideas to change the face of entrepreneurship and growing business through their five pillars: mentoring, networking, education, incubating and funding. TiE was founded in 1992 by a group of successful entrepreneurs and is currently the world’s largest entrepreneurial organisation out there. With programmes like TiE Office Hours and a selection of TiE Networking and Educational Events, TiE Hong Kong is reaching out and fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs.


Asia’s networking community for internet executives and digital start-ups. Monthly gatherings with speakers from the internet industry held in Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, Bangkok and Dubai.


W Hub unites start-ups and talent.
W Hub allows start-ups to showcase who they are and what they do via a profile-drive platform and attract talent.

University Networks


The Chinese University of Hong Kong Center for Entrepreneurship was inaugurated on May 24, 2005 and is a research center under the Asia Pacific Institute of Business. It is an interdisciplinary association of scholars and practitioners united by research, teaching and community service for entrepreneurship.


iDendron is HKU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub with the aim to nurture entrepreneurial and innovative spirit on campus. It provides support for HKU’s early-stage start-ups and establishing interdisciplinary cooperation, innovators community and funding support for HKU start-ups through the DreamCatchers’ programme.


The University of Hong Kong defines Knowledge Exchange as engaging, for mutual benefit, with business, government or the public to generate, acquire, apply and make accessible the knowledge needed to enhance material, human, social, cultural and environmental well-being.


Opened in 2000 HKUST Entrepreneurship Center is a center for innovation entrepreneurship to nurture future entrepreneurs and to encourage the direct participation of University community members in the commercialization of new technology. It helps students who are seriously interested in entrepreneurship become competent in starting up and to pursue entrepreneurship as a career alternative.


PolyU Micro Fund Scheme is a key knowledge transfer and entrepreneurial initiative. The Micro Fund Scheme aims to stimulate and unleash students’ and young graduates’ creative potential; it also provides opportunities for them to have real-life experience in either participating in project implementation or running their own business operations.



Accelerate aim to propel computer literacy in Hong Kong with outcome based, full-stack education-to-employment.

Transform your career with intensive full-time 16 week (1000+ hours) and part-time 8 week outcome-based immersive software engineering bootcamps in Hong Kong. Zero tuition until you are hired. Apply today at

Their education-to-employment model intensively trains promising software engineering talent and places them at high impact roles. They do not charge any tuition for our full-time program. Instead, they are successful only when their graduates are successful with job placements, thereby catalyzing inclusive growth of HK’s tech ecosystem.

They instill industry best practices and non-technical skills that maximize a “learn to learn” framework for bleeding-edge projects beyond Accelerate.

They are dramatically changing people’s lives and the way the world thinks about IT education and recruitment. They empower beginners into employable web developers and open doors for them to unleash their true potential.

HKQAA Hong Kong Registration – Start-ups

Nurture Technology Start-ups, Foster Long Term Development

In Hong Kong, there has been a significant increase in the number of start-ups in the past few years. Responding to market needs, HKQAA has developed this registration scheme to provide recommended practices for the start-ups to systematically manage their operations, particularly in quality, financial and information security aspects.


Our aim is to assist the start-ups to enhance their management performance and achieve long-term success by:
•Achieving performance objectives by defining and monitoring the measurable targets and goals
•Reducing business risks by identifying and managing the risks
•Continual improvement of operations
•Demonstrating management competence
•Enhancing business partners’ confidence

Hong Kong Commons

Hong Kong Commons opened its doors in June of 2011 to entrepreneurs, start-up ventures and professionals after recognizing the need for affordable office spaces in Hong Kong. By creating this unique space, Hong Kong Commons is breaking the misconception of expensive commercial space for growing businesses. Working in partnership with Start-Ups HK and BootHK, Hong Kong Commons’ goal is to foster and support private sector growth in Hong Kong.


Jumpstart is Hong Kong’s first print publication dedicated to startups and small businesses. The magazine launched in 2014 and has grown to become a well-known brand in Hong Kong’s rapidly expanding startup community. The magazine covers everything from latest tools and trends to crowdfunding, FinTech, marketing, apps and more. Free copies are available at over 35O locations and read by over 15,000 entrepreneurs, freelancers , and investors.


We have a unique proposition as we fill the gap for rating startups and whether you are an individual or a professional investor looking at investing in a startup, we are an essential resource providing you with analysis so that you can pinpoint potential high return start-up investments.

THE Floor

The Floor is an exclusive platform sourcing and developing unmatched technologies for tier-1 banks. Its headquarter is in Tel Aviv, Israel and its Asia office is in Hong Kong. The Floor runs various startup immersion programs in Israel, Europe and Hong Kong to help startups quickly bring products to market and scale up.


The Hive CoFarm – a space for agritech, aquaponic, hydroponic and remote monitoring IoT start-ups to pilot their technologies in a real world setting.Operated by Hong Kong Hive Ltd, members of the Hive CoFarm can make use of the agricultural land, water, buildings and fishponds for their pilot projects and small scale commercial farming operations.

For more information about the Hive CoFarm, please visit:

WHub has teamed up with the key players of the startup scene to create the ultimate Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem Toolbox.

Key Findings:
– Why choose Hong Kong to startup
– Exponential growth with 2,500+ startups
– Growing, diverse ecosystem (you would be surprised)
– Gap in funding
– Recent exits, IPO and money raised
– Community builders (62)
– Government support, universities, co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators
– Resources (talent corner, competitions and events)


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