Agorize Launches the “Resilient HK Challenge”

It’s been a rough few months for Hong Kong. With the objective to help our city become more resilient in the face of adversity, Agorize is excited to launch the “Resilient HK Challenge”.

The Resilient HK Challenge aims to bring together a coalition of innovators and corporates through one shared goal: to create innovative solutions in helping Hong Kong work towards becoming a more resilient city. In times of hardship, it is crucial for us to understand our systems and better predict and prevent inherent risks. Resilience is the key to helping a city survive and transform when faced with difficulties.

There are three pillars of urban resilience:

1) Health & Wellbeing: Ensuring public health needs and supporting livelihoods.
2) Infrastructure & Environment: Providing reliable communication and maintaining continuity of critical services.
3) Economy & Society: Fostering economic prosperity and cohesive social stability.

So to better prepare for unexpected challenges, what can we do to build urban resilience?

➜ Corporates:

An opportunity for industry leaders to take the lead in driving progress towards newer more sustainable forms of business, to foster economic prosperity, support livelihoods and employment, and ensure continuity of critical services.

➜ Students + General Public (Professionals, Startups, NGOs, Community Builders, etc)

Take action by sharing your voice, ideas and expertise to envision your resilient city. Be heard and challenge your innovative thinking for solutions to current and future emergencies. Design mechanisms to ensure everyone living and working in the city has access to what they need to survive and thrive.

Key Stages

Start of APRIL 2020
Collaborate with others or apply individually. Share YOUR idea to envision your resilient HK.

JUNE 2020
Opportunity to connect with industry experts to turn your idea into a realizable solution.

End of JUNE 2020
Pitch your idea to our jury panel consisting of industry leaders and major decision makers.

Join us on this journey to make HK a more resilient city >>>