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Export Credit Insurance

Export Credit Insurance

Export Credit Insurance provides protection against the risks of non-payment involved when offering credit terms to your overseas buyers.

How is it different from other commercial insurances?

The subjects of insured interest under credit insurance and cargo insurance are entirely different. The former subject is “the debt” or “the current assets” whereas the latter is the “goods”,”product” or “merchandise”.

Does our company need any Export Credit Insurance?

Yes. When your company is engaged in export trading on credit payment terms namely Documents against Payment (DP), Documents against Acceptance (DA) and Open Account (OA), it is exposed to “non-payment” risks. Unforeseeable political, social and commercial factors can also prevent payments from your buyers to your company.

Being insured by export credit insurance, your company is protected against bad debts risks, enabling you to secure by extending more favorable terms to overseas buyers. Your capability in acquiring trade finance is also enhanced.

Risk Types

Risk covered can be classified as buyer risks and country risks.

Buyer risks

  • Bankruptcy or insolvency
  • Payment default
  • Failure of refusal to take delivery of goods

Country risks

  • Blockage or delay in foreign exchange remittance
  • Import ban
  • Cancellation of import licence
  • Payment moratorium
  • War, revolution, riot or natural disaster

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