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Delvify Helps e-Commerce Businesses with AI Technology

Delvify Helps e-Commerce Businesses with AI Technology

Charles Allard Jr, Founder of Delvify

“Our vision is to create motivational online shopping experiences that inspire customers – think ‘point, shoot and shop!’”

Charles Allard Jr., Founder of Delvify

Headquartered in Hong Kong with a R&D centre in Singapore, Delvify aims to drive e-commerce business growth using the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence through two solutions: SMART AI and Programmatic AI since its establishment in 2019.

Delvify’s Visual AI search and recommendation solutions enable e-commerce customers to upload images or take photos to find what they have in mind, with its specially designed AI models that recommend related products. The benefits are two-fold: customers can enjoy a more seamless and relevant shopping experience, ultimately resulting in high revenues for online merchants.

Delvify’s Programmatic AI helps customers amplify the results of their digital marketing campaign by using AI-powered advertising. Through machine learning driven real-time optimisation and insight algorithms, the right marketing messages are delivered at the right time to the right audience – transforming consideration into conversion.

Despite the fact that visual AI is growing rapidly, it can be expensive for brands and e-commerce retailers to develop tailor-made AI solutions in-house. Delvify’s solutions come into play here as they make the process simpler and more affordable to its clients – producing custom models that are unique to its customers’ business and help them create a seamless customer experience for their e-commerce sites across Asia.

Interview with Mr. Charles Allard Jr., Founder of Delvify

Could you please share with us Delvify’s startup journey?

We started with some great ideas but could not seem to get our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) defined and launched.  This frustration of not being able to translate a vision to a product was a definite low.  However, we managed to enter two global startup challenges in Singapore, in which we were able to refine and launched our MVP. We finally won a spot, alongside financial awards in the finals! Twice!  This was super exciting and a validation of our approach and teamwork.  The survival of a business largely depends on its team and their values.  The excitement and fun is to work together to achieve amazing things.

Why did the company decide to set up an office in Hong Kong? What do you think about the startup ecosystem in Hong Kong?

The vibrant and diverse community in Hong Kong was a deciding factor for us to set up our headquarters here. The diverse talent pool within the Hong Kong startup ecosystem gave us the opportunity to recruit a solid team. In addition, the thriving e-commerce landscape in the city also helps us to readjust our value propositions and define our go-to-market strategies.

Hong Kong is a dynamic place for startups with different entrepreneurial ideas, which provides everyone an opportunity to learn and grow.  The government support for new business formation and expansion was a crucial factor in helping us base our business here.

What does it take for a startup to be successful in Hong Kong?

For Delvify, gathering a solid team with diverse experience and skills is critical as this brought many different opinions and ideas to the table and drive innovation.  Asia has so many cultures and ideas, bringing them together creates innovation.  However, this can also be challenging when ideas collide.  Creating an open and transparent environment for discussion is vital to allow the team and business to grow.

We would advise startups to take full advantage of what Hong Kong has to offer – tap into resources like InvestHK and join different chambers of commerce, so as to expand your networking opportunities .  Go to as many seminars and events, even the ones that are not in your industry.  Network like crazy and enjoy all the territory has to offer!

Delvify Team

Jan 2021