As well as being one of the world’s most exciting cities, Hong Kong is Asia’s most promising business hub.

Launched in 2013 as an initiative by InvestHK, StartmeupHK seeks to promote Hong Kong as a startup destination, connect entrepreneurs, and create a vibrant ecosystem that draws innovative, high impact ventures from around the world to our city.

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To enhance Hong Kong’s ongoing work in the fight against the novel coronavirus infection and to provide support and assistance to industries and members of the public affected by the epidemic, the Government announced the setting up of a $30 billion Anti-epidemic Fund on 14 February 2020. As the epidemic continues and becomes more severe, the Government announced on 8 April 2020 the second round of $137.5 billion Anti-epidemic Fund measures to provide further assistance to the affected sectors and members of the public. For more details, please click below.

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科技 ABCD + 網絡研討會系列(非科技專業人員)﹕人工智能及大數據 (Tech ABCD + Webinar series for Non-Tech Executives: AI and Big Data)

在面對疫情的同時,企業亦要加快數碼化的步伐,掌握科技ABCD(人工智能、區塊鏈、雲端運算及大數據)對全球企業產生前所未有的影響。是次網上研討會將為各行業人士 – 特別是非科技專業人員提供科技ABCD 的基本概念和應用,了解如何利用人工智能及大數據來提高營運績效,以駕馭 Digital 2.0 時代的科技變革。 課程內容﹕ 介紹人工智能和大數據,加深非科技專業人員對數碼化科技的了解 透過體驗式學習和外行術語介紹神經網絡 (neural network)和數據的概念 了解人工智能和大數據在香港和全球不同行業的應用,以及未來趨勢 學習目標﹕ 培養新型數碼思維模式,增強非科技專業人員的競爭力 幫助企業適應商業模式的巨變 改善工作流程、節省成本 日期及時間﹕2020年6月4日 (14:00 – 15:15) 地點﹕網上研討會 語言﹕廣東話 費用﹕港幣500元
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"Hong Kong's startup ecosystem has been making great strides. Investment in startups reached US$720 million in 2019*, we have seven official unicorns and together with low taxes, progressive visa policies for tech talent and government funding for innovation and technology initiatives, we expect to see this growth continue."

*Oddup All Sector Snapshot, 4 Oct 2019

Jayne Chan
Head of StartmeupHK, InvestHK

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