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ck kd Starting Up Hong Kong - StartupmeHK
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香港是世界上最鼓動人心的城市之一,也是亞洲最具活力的科技樞紐之一。StartmeupHK 可以為您提供建議和指導,讓香港成為您的創業搖籃。StartmeupHK 是香港投資推廣署旗下的一個團隊,協助海外初創企業進駐香港。StartmeupHK 於2013年成立,旨在推廣香港成爲初創公司創業及創新的首選之地。


  • 吸引和支援初創生態系統的持份者和公司在這裡開展業務,並提供一站式服務平台,讓他們在香港以至海外發展
  • 協助建立充滿活力的初創生態,培養城市的創業文化 
  • 將香港作為科技樞紐向國際推廣

Applications are Open for Brinc’s Accelerator Programs!

Brinc is now accepting applications for its Global Accelerator Programs! On top of finding technology solutions that are solving the world’s global challenges, we plan to invest in over 1,000 climate-conscious startups over the next 5 years driven by our mission to help slow down and ultimately tackle climate change.
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Webinar Playback GBA Forum: Maximizing Hong Kong’s Potential in the GBA

The Greater Bay Area (GBA) is bursting with potential—but in order to take full advantage of the Area’s opportunities, it is crucial to understand the many impacts of integration and form a solid strategy that makes the most of the strengths of each constituent city. Thank you for joining us at our webinar, GBA Forum: Maximizing Hong Kong’s Potential in the GBA on 17 Dec, 2020, an event supported by InvestHK, with experts from Bloomberg, Huatai International, leading financial institutions and listed companies, as we discussed the role of Hong Kong and the opportunities for tech companies in the GBA. Click here for webinar playback (Link available until Jan 2022) For more information, click here for event website. AGENDA Morning Section: Startup and Investment Fund Language: English 10:00 – 10:10 Opening Speech: Mr. Stephen Phillips, Director-General of Invest HK 10:10 – 10:20 Keynote Speech: Mr. Edwin Wong, Managing Partner and CEO, Ares SSG 10:20 – 10:25 Presentation: Startup Ecosystem Report 2020 Ms. Jayne Chan, Head of StartmeupHK, Invest HK   10:25 – 11:15 Panel discussion: Hong Kong’s Startup Ecosystem  Moderator: Mr. Charles Ng, Associate Director-General, Invest HK Panelists: Mr. Peter Yan, CEO of Hong Kong Cyberport Mr. Chibo Tang, Managing Partner of Gobi Partners Mr. Dan Wong, General Manager of Global Innovation MTR Mr. Kelvin Lei, CEO & Co-founder at Aqumon Mr. Tony Yau, CEO of Heung Kong Financial Group 11:15 – 12:00 Panel discussion: GBA Investment Funds in Hong Kong Moderator: Mr. Francis Chan, Senior Asia Financial Analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence Panelists: Mr. Ryan Chung, Co-head of Huatai GBA Investment Fund Mr. Raymond Wong, Head of Investment, HKSTP Corporation Mr. Denis Tse JP, CEO of Ace Equity Partners International, Chairman of HKSTP Investment Committee Dr. Yufeng Wan, Executive President of Investec Capital Asia Limited Mr. Da Liu, Managing Director of CR-CP Life Science Fund Afternoon Section: Real Estate and Property Management Language: Mandarin 14:00 – 14:10 Opening Speech: Mr. Bing Li, Head of Asia Pacific, Bloomberg L.P. 14:10 – 14:20 Keynote Speech: Mr. Yu Huang, Executive Vice Dean of China Index Academy, Director of China Real Estate Index System, and Vice President of Fang.com (NYSE: SFUN) 14:20 – 15:05 Panel discussion: The Opportunities of the 1-hr Living Circle in the GBA Moderator: Ms. Maggie Luo Qi, Asia-Pacific Chief Representative, Sina Finance Global Panelists:  Mr. Edward Lau, Deputy CFO of New World Development (17.hk) Mr. Jacus Chan , CFO of LVGEM China (95.hk) Ms. Carol Wu, Co-head of Huatai GBA Investment Fund Mr. Patrick Wong, Senior Analyst- Asia Real Estate, Bloomberg Intelligence 15;05 – 15:50  Panel Discussion: Property Management Industry Outlook Moderator: Mr. Gene Liu, Co-head of FIG and Real Estate Sectors, IBD, Huatai Financial Panelists: Mr. Dalong Li, CEO of A-Living Smart City Services (3319.hk) Mr. Peng Huang, CFO of Country Garden Services (6098.hk) Mr. Jianfeng You, Chief Strategy Officer of S-Enjoy Service Group (1755.hk) Mr. Derek Wang, Managing Director (Private Equity) of CITIC Capital Partners (Shanghai) Ltd. Mr. Ricky Xue, Senior Vice President, Head of Greater China Private Equity, Brookfield Mr. Jizhou Dong, Associate Head of Property Research, Huatai Research  
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The Economist – Technology for Change Week Asia

Join us at The Economist’s inaugural Technology for Change Week Asia, a free to attend online event bringing together 700+ leading policymakers, entrepreneurs and decision makers from major corporations, big tech, finance and NGOs.
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STEM+E Summit x EdTech Demo Day 2021

Cyberport, as a flagship for Hong Kong’s digital technology industry, is committed to accelerating digital adoption and STEM Education in the education sector. Cyberport believes that EdTech contributes to the evolution of education, which is the essence of cultivating our future owners, therefore Cyberport devotedly nurtures local EdTech companies. STEM+E Summit x EdTech Demo Day 2021 is the FIRST-EVER exploration to Cyberport EdTech Community Companies. It serves as a bridge between EdTech Innovators and Enthusiastic Educators, where refreshes educators’ eyes with ground-breaking and down-to-earth EdTech solutions and products. Ultimately, it aims to foster the school EdTech deployment and STEM …
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來自多個社會福利機構的專家將聚首網絡研討會,從服務提供者的角度,概觀兒童、長者及有特殊需要人士在香港的新常態下與家人及社會保持聯繫的挑戰和需要。透過研討會的分享,你將會掌握切實的城市問題情景核心,以規劃你的創作意念。 題目:在新常態下與兒童、長者及有特殊需要人士保持聯繫 日期:2021年1月28日 (星期四) 時間:下午3時30分至4時30分 形式:網絡研討會 語言:廣東話 主持:社會福利署 總社會工作主任(機構策劃及統籌) 關婉玉女士 講者: 基督教香港崇真會 社會服務部 總幹事 潘少鳳女士 聖雅各福群會 高級經理 黃培龍先生 中華基督教禮賢會香港區會安老院 院長 李紹基先生 基督教家庭服務中心 服務總監 王超敏女士 浸信會愛羣社會服務處助理總幹事 陳秀琴女士 For more information, please click HERE.
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DBS BusinessClass 中小企及初創創新科技活動

中小企及初創公司今年大概正奮力於「逆境求存,迎難而上」,希望大家參加免費的「DBS BusinessClass 中小企及初創創新科技活動」可以為中小企及初創公司提出解決當前營商挑戰的可行方案,當中涵蓋:運營效率丶拓展業務丶資源管理和市場競爭等。 除此以外,大家更可以瀏覽虛擬展覽平台 ,與線上來賓和參展服務供應商互動丶「一對一」聊天 丶建立聯繫,並可交換卡片及信息,進一步加強交流機會。 歡迎免費參加「DBS BusinessClass 中小企及初創創新科技活動」啟動禮。更多網上講座將陸續更新至四月底,敬請密切留意上載日期 ! 啟動禮活動詳情如下: 日期:2021年1月27日(星期三) 時間:下午四時正開始活動 語言:廣東話 費用:全免 For more information, please click HERE.
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