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Horangi Makes Enterprise-Grade Cybersecurity Solutions Accessible to All Small Businesses

Horangi Makes Enterprise-Grade Cybersecurity Solutions Accessible to All Small Businesses

Paul Hadjy, CEO & Co-founder, Horangi

“We are razor focused on providing cost-effective security solutions for our customers — whatever it takes — to empower these organizations to innovate without fear.”

Paul Hadjy, CEO & Co-founder, Horangi

1. Please briefly describe the background of your company, its origin and development milestones.

Horangi Cyber Security is a Singapore-based cybersecurity company that offers an integrated SaaS security platform and CREST-accredited services like pentesting and incident response. Horangi was founded in 2016 by Co-founders Paul Hadjy (CEO) and Lee Sult (CTO) to tackle the global cybersecurity talent deficit. Horangi serves the SME space in Asia with strategic and cost-effective solutions. In 2019, Warden, Horangi’s cloud security software, was made available on AWS Marketplace. Today, Horangi operates in 6 countries around the world and its solutions are trusted by several Asia organizations such as Go-Jek, Ninja Van, Bukalapak, and MoneySmart.

2. Why did the company decide to set up an office in Hong Kong? What do you think about the startup ecosystem in Hong Kong?

Horangi’s mission is to build a safe cyberspace in Asia, and Hong Kong is strategically located to serve our mission. Hong Kong is also a world-class city with great potential for growth, so when we looked at the vibrant startup ecosystem that the Hong Kong government was creating, setting up a Hong Kong office was an easy choice.

The Hong Kong government has also done a phenomenal job in nurturing solid home-grown talents and attracting foreign businesses like Horangi. We see a lot of opportunities for us to expand in this country and believe Hong Kong will be a key market for us.

3. Could you share with us the strategic plans of your company in Hong Kong and in the region? What is your company’s value proposition in the market?

We build products and services that are well suited for startups and fast-growing tech organisations like us. This is the very profile of businesses that are booming in Hong Kong. In the coming years, we aim to be the leading cybersecurity partner for SMEs and startups in Hong Kong. With the tightened regulations surrounding industries like fintech and e-commerce, we believe our unique consultancy services and products are strategically placed for growth.

4. Could you share with us the highs and lows of your entrepreneurship journey? What does it take for a startup to be successful in Hong Kong?

I started businesses from the time I was 19, so I am no stranger to the struggles of budding entrepreneurs. When we were starting out Horangi, we were actually considering setting up in the Philippines. But after getting a better feel of the environment, we felt it would make sense for us to set up base elsewhere. We ended up setting up in Singapore and, later on, expanding to Hong Kong.

I think regardless of location, what it takes for a startup to be successful is dedicated hard work and to quickly find a unique market fit for your solution. Of course, you need to be excellent at what you’re offering in order to make a meaningful difference in the market.

5. Do you have any advice for others who are looking to launch a startup in Hong Kong?

Startups are severely resource-strapped and are always racing against time to find a compelling and unique market fit. This means startups absolutely need to be focused in everything they do to test their ideas and get valuable feedback for improvement. My advice is to hire the best people who can understand the market, are able to make the right moves and willing to go above and beyond for the company.

6. In what ways has InvestHK assisted your company in its setup and development? In your opinion, why are our services provided important for companies like yours?

InvestHK has been instrumental in Horangi’s growth in Hong Kong. We have been able to leverage the InvestHK community to engage and partner with other businesses like us. This has enabled us to more quickly integrate into the Hong Kong ecosystem and seize more business opportunities to propel our growth in Hong Kong. When setting up in a new country, companies typically don’t have a strong network to depend on, and what InvestHK does is to remove that barrier to entry, leveling the playing field for new businesses.