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Cross-Border Business in a Post-pandemic World

28/10/2021 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Key Learning Points:

Beyond Incorporation (i.e. maintenance)

  • HK legal requirements
  • What should be reported, to whom and how?
  • What are the internal documents? (e.g. resolutions and minutes)
  • How to meet deadlines?
  • How to maintain proper records?
  • What if I am late or I do not comply with legal requirements?
  • How to deal with accounting, auditing and tax filing?
  • What about tax exemption?


  • How to open a bank account

Accounting, Auditing, Tax Filing & Exemption

  • How to deal with these?

Human Resources

  • Requirements for recruiting
  • Issue and management of payroll
  • Insurance

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  • Start Date: 28/10/2021 7:00pm

  • End Date: 28/10/2021 8:00pm

  • Event Category: Webinar




  • Physical Event
    Address: Online Event