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Make Smart Smarter

26/02/2021 2:30pm - 4:30pm

Wisdom is the key to Hong Kong’s success!
The “Smarter Era of Intelligent Manufacturing” held on 26 February, 2021, in hybrid mode to present the “Owl” intelligent production line under Industry 4.0 to the industry and the public marked the debut of our “Make Smart Smarter” event series. Through this event, guests and public could have a better idea on how HKPC helped client set up a new intelligent manufacturing production line with five SMART edges: Speed, Multi-function, Accuracy, Reliability and Traceability, to raise production efficiency. This showcase signalled a new milestone of Hong Kong reindustrialisation entering a more mature stage, and echoed the concept of “Make Smart Smarter” with a vivid proof of the great enhancement of overall productivity with wisdom.

HKPC organises various events to enhance the knowledge of enterprises on reindustrialisation, in encouraging them to transform and upgrade in order to catch the high value-added industry bandwagon.

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  • Start Date: 26/02/2021 2:30pm

  • End Date: 26/02/2021 4:30pm

  • Event Category: Webinar


  • Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC)


  • Physical Event
    Address: Online Event