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Making Blockchain And AI Fashionable

19/11/2020 9:00am - 10:00am

How can consumers today count on authenticity, sustainability, and ethical production from apparel brands? In turn, how can apparel brands reach buyers and consumers, protect their artistic IP, and build a sense of trust around their brand?

These are some of the questions that stakeholders in fashion retail are struggling with, and emerging technologies like blockchain and AI have the potential to provide solutions. But finding the right solutions and implementing them will not be an easy road – and for these technologies to truly disrupt an inefficient industry, they need to be easy to implement and truly solve critical problems for brands and consumers.

Date: November 18, 8PM ET / November 19, 9AM HKT
Format: Webinar link to be sent to registrants closer to the event date

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  • Start Date: 19/11/2020 9:00am

  • End Date: 19/11/2020 10:00am

  • Event Category: Webinar


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