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The True Cost of Food

28/04/2021 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Typically, food prices reflect tangible costs: process and packaging, distribution and transportation, marketing and retail, and mark up for profitability. The current food system’s focus has been on improving the efficiency of production, quantity and yield, attempting to support a fast-growing population, rapid economic development and urbanization. However, the price at checkout deflects hidden costs (externalities) that account for damage to the environment, human health, the economy, and society. Evaluating the positive and negative externalities of our food system is an opportunity to redirect consumer behaviour and policies and could create new options for businesses. When we understand the true costs of food, we can make better-informed decisions and changes to our food system – including advocating for sustainable alternatives, and holding governments, institutions, and businesses accountable for the impacts of their choices.

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  • Start Date: 28/04/2021 7:00pm

  • End Date: 28/04/2021 8:00pm

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