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Unlock Fintech with AI, Blockchain, Bitcoin and NFTs

04/05/2021 7:00pm - 8:00pm

The financial market is shifting rapidly and creating exciting developments in the world. “Fintech”, AI and Blockchain are the latest buzzwords in the industry. These are trending topics that few people fully understand or know how to leverage. The Tokenisation of non-fungible assets and crypto-currencies has created endless possibilities for blockchain asset digitisation.
Do you know what they are and how they can create wealth for you?

In this webinar, you will get a comprehensive overview of the following:
– Challenges and opportunities in the Fintech World
– AI technology advancements in Fintech
– How does Blockchain work?
– NFTs
– Crypto-currency
– Cloud and Data Analytics
– How Cloud enables fast growth in Fintech
– Best cybersecurity practices in Fintech

Who should join?
– Curious individuals who are interested in learning the mechanisms of the blockchain technology
– People who are thinking about adding crypto and NFTs into their investment portfolio
– Professionals who works in the Fintech industries
– Persons who are making a career shift into the Fintech industries

Learn Fintech with Henrique Centieiro – Senior Blockchain Project Manager for a large financial institution. Best selling author of the book – Unblockchain: A Brain-Friendly Guide for Blockchain, from Bitcoin to Ethereum Deep-Dive, and his most recent one on NFTs – The Non-Fungible Booklet. He has 10+ years of experience with cryptocurrencies and over four years of teaching experience at HKU Space on Fintech and Blockchain.

Disclosure: views expressed are purely personal and do not reflect any organisation’s views or thoughts the instructor/speaker of this class may be affiliated or associated with. This is NOT financial advice and I am not recommending anything. This class/workshop is only for educational purposes.

Language: English

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  • Start Date: 04/05/2021 7:00pm

  • End Date: 04/05/2021 8:00pm

  • Event Category: Workshop/Training


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