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Cyberport Macro Fund (CMF)

Cyberport Macro Fund (CMF)

The CMF is an investment fund which targets to co-invest with other private and public investors in the Cyberport digital entrepreneurs.

We take pride in the vibrant creative digital cluster at Cyberport where we transform human potential into performance through championing innovative ideas, investing in the best minds, and embracing bright ideas in the digital world that shape the way we live and think.

Cyberport digital entrepreneurs dream big. We are here to give them an unprecedented strong push by extending our one-stop entrepreneurial support with the Cyberport Macro Fund (CMF).

The CMF, with an initial size of HK$400M, is set in place to:

  • Provide seed to Series A stage funding to Cyberport digital entrepreneurs to assist them to accelerate; and
  • Promote the development of the venture capital ecosystem for digital entrepreneurs in Hong Kong.

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