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Recycling Fund (RF)

Recycling Fund (RF)

The Recycling Fund comprises two parts, namely the Enterprise Support Programme (ESP) and Industry Support Programme (ISP). The former provides funding support for individual Hong Kong enterprises to upgrade and expand their waste recycling operations in Hong Kong. The latter provides funding support for non-profit distributing organisations (NPOs), such as professional bodies, trade and industry organisations, research institutes and other industrial support organisations registered in Hong Kong to undertake non-profit making projects which can assist the local recycling industry in general or in specific sectors in enhancing their operational standards and productivity.

The Enterprise Support Programme (ESP) under the Recycling Fund provides matching funds for the projects to enhance the recycling value added chain covering source separation, collection, transportation, processing, product improvement, commercialization, marketing and sales of recycled products made from recyclables. Funding may also be provided for the training of staff to run the enhanced operation.

The Industry Support Programme (ISP) subsidises non-profit making projects for enhancing the operational standards and productivity of the industry, including upgrading the skills and safety of incumbent and potential employees of the local recycling industry and/or expanding its potential workforce, as well as certification and accreditation of recycling operations, etc.

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