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Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum 2023

25/08/2023 - 27/08/2023

The Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum (DELF)2023 is part of the “Happy Hong Kong” Campaign and an important event to celebrate Cyberport’s 20th Anniversary. There will be activities such as an AR gaming experience, a smart climbing wall and gaming platform, a racing simulator, and a musical instrument app learning workshop. There will be food booths on site, welcoming the public to participate and experience.

The three-day event, themed “Power UP! When Entertainment Goes Beyond 3oundaries”, invites local and overseas industry representatives to share how digital entertainment experiences in arts, education, sports, and life are evolving in the era of Web3. It will also showcase the convenience and opportunities brought by innovative technologies. In addition, Cyberport will invite a group of celebrities and artists to actively engage with and experience the transformative power of new technologies. DELF will also feature multiple innovative technology exhibitions and experiential zones, offering an exhilarating digital journey for industry professionals, esports enthusiasts, and the public alike.

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