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Put your money where your mouth is – investment lessons from founders and VC’s | The DO Innovation Series

14/06/2023 6:30pm - 8:00pm

What are the key factors founders consider when seeking investment, and how do VCs identify promising ventures? How can founders and VCs build strong partnerships and effectively align their goals for long-term success? How can aspiring investors leverage the emerging trends and opportunities in the market?

If you are interested in fundraising and market validation for your idea, startup or established business or to learn how to invest well then join us at this session to find out how to go about it (or not to) and meet like minded female entrepreneurs.

For more information, please visit HERE.


  • Start Date: 14/06/2023 6:30pm

  • End Date: 14/06/2023 8:00pm

  • Event Category: Physical Event


  • The DO Asia


  • WLAB
    Address: Area A, 1/F, Block A-D, Tung Kin Factory Building, 196-198 Tsat Tsz Mui Road, Quarry Bay