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Listen to Interview Series: “Anything is Possible.”

“Anything is Possible,” is about sharing positivity, overcoming challenges, and creating one world together. In this casual 60-minute video conversation, we will discuss guest’s personal experiences during the Coronavirus lockdown, how they have risen from past failures, how they have turned a bad situation into something positive, their life ethos, and their #1 advice for younger audiences. With these interviews, Patrick conveys to audiences that Anything is Possible.

The series will include interviews with the following guests:

  • World’s Greatest Card Mechanic, Richard Turner
  • Venture Capital Investor, Tim Draper
  • Financier and former White House Director of Communications, Anthony Scaramucci
  • Baroness, Michelle Mone
  • Chief Executive of the British Fashion Council, Caroline Rush
  • Founder of Hong Kong’s 1st Unicorn GOGOX, Steven Lam
  • World-renowned Restaurateur & Food Entrepreneur, Alan Yau

Watch the trailer here: