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Make your impression at BIOHK2023 – “Top 5 To Watch” Pitching Competition is open for applications!

Participate in the “Top 5 to Watch” Pitching Competition at BIOHK2023, one of the largest international biotech conventions in Asia.
This prestigious competition, organised by the Hong Kong Biotechnology Organisation (HKBIO), aims to recognise and showcase emerging companies with exceptional potential for transformative impact in the field of biotechnology. BIOHK2023 is the pinnacle of scientific excellence and rigour. This year, we have the Nobel Trust Family, a Nobel Laureate, Harvard Professors, and World-Renowned Scientists who have pioneered technologies that have influenced humanity over the past decades. This is your opportunity to make an important impression.

Compete in this exclusive opportunity for the chance to gain recognition as one of the top 5 start-up companies at BIOHK2023. Don’t miss this invaluable chance to present your groundbreaking innovations, make valuable connections within the biotech industry, and elevate your startup’s visibility on a global stage. Each pitching session is 5 minutes long and will be judged by investors from the capital markets.

Competition Criteria:
-Have no more than US$50 million in annual revenue
-Have no more than US$100 million in total funding
-Be privately owned (not publicly listed)
-Be for profit

Apply now to secure your spot in the competition. If you have submitted your application form with your abstract, please kindly let our account manager know (, and he will follow up with you accordingly. Thank you very much for your attention and participation.

Application Deadline: 3 September 2023 23:59PM HKT

To submit your application, please click here.
To learn more about our convention, please click here.