T.H.E DESIGN space is a co-working space in Hong Kong which is flexible and optimised specifically to suit the needs of designers and architects. We offer you not just a bright, spacious environment in which to work, but also the support of more experienced designers for mentorship, a community of fellow designers to share ideas, talent pool and collaborate with, and a platform to connect you with prospective clients, consultants and suppliers.

Fabrica Space

Fabrica Space occupies the entire 4th floor of The Mills to build a centre of innovation, offering flexible coworking space (including hot desk, fixed desk and private office) for entrepreneurs and student residents.

Junkyard Makerspace

Junkyard Makerspace is a community that combines workshop, office, exhibition and leisure space into one.


InnTech – co-living spaces for startup founders, entrepreneurs, and creators.


Gather with other like-minders at Commune where you co-live, co-play, co-learn and co-work together.