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With the success of the HKFIA 2019, Sina Finance, in collaboration with The Center for Investing in HKUST and S&P Global Market Intelligence, is proud to announce the launch of “HKFIA 2020”(Hong Kong Financial Institutions Awards 2020). The awards celebrates the best financial institutions in Hong Kong’s financial industry.

This year, Sina Finance has prepared a more professional spectrum of categories to stay in tune with the accelerating growth of the financial industry. There are 8 categories open for entry, along with the new and refreshed categories:

The Best IPO Advisors
The Best Bond Advisors
The Best Wealth Management Teams
The Best Start-up Investors
The Best ESG Teams
The Best Investors in Greater Bay Area
The Best Fintech Investors
The Best Fintech Institutions


Submission period: 8 May, 2020
Winners announced: 10 July, 2020
Awards ceremony: 10 July, 2020 (Depends on the situation)

HKFIA 2019 Highlights:

Sina Finance, with the largest number of active users, is one of the most influential financial media in China. Over the past few years, Sina Finance is dedicated to enhancing the role of Chinese financial media for being authoritative voice and promoting the healthy development of financial markets.

Although Hong Kong has experienced some turbulence last year, financial institutions in Hong Kong still made excellent performance in 2019. Regardless of the turbulence, Sina Finance, in collaboration with a number of financial institutions, will organise the second HKFIA campaign and reward the financial institutions for their contributions to the city’s financial market.

Sina Finance and Center for Investing in HKUST Business School developed an internal assessment system to quantify award criteria, and make the HKFIA a transparent, fair, impartial and trusted award. Together with a group of experienced experts in the industry, HKFIA committee will present a new HKFIA this year.

If you need any assistance in deciding which category to enter, please feel free to send your information via and Sina Finance HKFIA committee can guide you on your entry submission journey.

For more information pleased visit: