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Smartone Hackathon Is Now Open For Registration

Entering the 5G era is bringing a cyber world with high speed, low latency and massive connectivity to various applications and services! The SmarTone Hackathon is now in its third year, this time with theme of “5G and Smart City”, encouraging local and overseas participants to unleash their creativity and potentials. If you want to challenge yourself or you want to innovate with 5G technology in the areas of smart living, transportation, shopping and IoT, sign up for the SmarTone Hackathon NOW!

The winning teams will not only get prizes worth over $120,000, but also have chance to get investment opportunity from SHKP Group, and a fast-track interview for either the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF) or the Cyberport Incubation Programme for the chance to receive seed funding to further develop the concept!

For registration and more information, please visit:
Registration Deadline: 16 October (Wed) 2019