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Special Call for Trial Projects for the Prevention and Control of the Epidemic (Innovation and Technology Commission)

To tackle the Coronavirus Disease 2019 epidemic, the Innovation and Technology Commission launched a special call for trial projects under the Public Sector Trial Scheme to support product development or application of technologies for the prevention and control of the epidemic. The special call is open for application from 9 March 2020 and will be closed on 10 April 2020. This special call aims to fund trials of research and development (R&D) outcomes relating to the detection/diagnosis/surveillance of COVID-19, or reduction of the risk of its infection and spread in local public sector organisations. The R&D outcomes concerned must be immediately ready for trial to assist the society in combatting the epidemic in the near term. Applicant organisations/companies are required to fill in and submit the application form by email to For details of the special call, please refer to the Guide to Filling in the Application Form or the relevant press release.

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