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A Greater Horizon for Indonesian Companies in Hong Kong – Capital and Beyond

by InvestHK, Indonesia Fintech Association and Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing Limited | 07 July 2020

The synergy between Hong Kong and Indonesia to leverage the growing number of technology companies in Indonesia and the opportunities in Hong Kong. The webinar discussed the latest development of financial technology ecosystem in Indonesia and provided an update on the capital market and listing landscape for new economy and innovative companies in Hong Kong.

Post-event highlights:

Fintech will continue to be at the forefront of Indonesia’s startup scene. The investment community is also showing a growing interest in more diverse fintech startups. The growing number of fintech companies in Indonesia will see more progress to expand globally. There is a need for such platform to support Indonesian fintech companies to expand further. Hong Kong, on the other hand, provides a good platform for these companies to escalate their business and raising funds. There is a good synergy between Indonesian fintech development and Hong Kong vibrant innovation and technology platform.